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Love is the Greatest Adventure

Full of twists, turns, ups & downs and all of the messy, perfectly imperfect in-betweens.
Are you ready for the ride of your life?

Let’s face it, sometimes, we get stuck in a rut and need to venture outside of our comfort zones to kickstart our mojos!

Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us!

Here at Crash Into Love, we have committed ourselves to a life of “Love connections”. We’ve discovered that no matter how stuck you may feel in love, the adventures of the heart have a way of turning things around. It will pick you up, bring back inspiration, and make you so grateful for the little things life has to offer.

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Out of the Box Date Ideas:

  • Have a Three-Course Dinner… at Various Places

    Sitting down for a long meal can feel stuffy—especially on the first date. To shake things up pick three different places. Know a great tapas place? Grab an appetizer there. Excited about the latest sushi spot? Enjoy it as your main course. Dying to try a cronut? Top off the night with one!

  • Food Festivals or Street Fairs

    Who wouldn’t want to go to a pickle festival? Or Bacon Lovers street party? Or a City music festival? The more adventurous, the better.

  • Outdoor Movie or Concert

    From outdoor movies to concerts to theater performances, the options are endless. And they’re often free too. Tune in to local newsletters or magazines that aggregate events, and check daily deal sites for the best options—you never know what you’ll find!

  • Zoo It

    The zoo is an awesome place to explore and get to know someone on a new level— the abundance of animals also means there’s no shortage of conversation!

  • Planetarium or Art Museums

    Exhibits change pretty frequently, and whether art, dinosaurs, space, or history peak your interest, there’s an option for pretty much anyone. Challenge yourself to learn something new and open your mind to endless possibilities of fun!

  • Sweet Date

    Heard of a pub crawl? Why not create a Sugar Crawl! Hit all the local sugary spots in town – go ahead, get a stomach ache – it will be SO worth it!

John & Isabelle

June 2016

"New to online dating - no way! Just did not have any luck. Went on many dates but never made "the connection" until Isabelle. After chatting a few times I really thought this girl was special! Then, we spoke, and I can't explain it, but something in her voice just lit a spark within me! I didn't want our first date to be the same ol same ol date, since she was one of a kind. I remembered one of our early conversations, and how one of her favorite childhood memories was having breakfast every Sunday morning with her grandparents - stacks of pancakes with loads of butter and syrup. So, I made sure our first dinner date was.... BREAKFAST for dinner! I took her to a place I frequent and asked the chef to special order hotcakes with the works! She was so surprised I remembered her story, as it was one of our first conversations - that element of surprise, combined with the sentiment - win for me! We have been dating for eight months and we could not be happier!"

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